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This is how we clean and protect our jewelry

Just wearing a flashy piece of jewelry is not enough. Special pieces also require care and attention. In order to preserve the original beauty and shape of our jewelry, we should pay careful attention to their proper wearing, storage, and cleaning.

Cleaning and maintenance of jewelry

The most proven home practice for cleaning jewelry is lukewarm water with liquid soap or dishwashing liquid, and a soft cloth that can be used to wipe it clean. A very soft (tooth) brush and a toothpick can also help to remove stuck dirt. In stores, you can get different jewelry cleaning liquids, with indication of which can be used for which gemstones. Did you know that blackened silver jewelry can gets its shine back if you rub with a cloth with toothpaste on it?

Most gemstones withstand environmental effects well, but there are more sensitive ones that require special care. This is especially true for organic - or organic-derived - gemstones such as corals, opals, and pearls, but green malachite and turquoise, which are very popular these days, are also particularly sensitive. They cannot withstand acid and cleaning agents, so it is important not to spray perfume on them, not to wash them with soapy water and try to avoid them coming into contact with our skin in high heat. It is best to just wipe them with a dry, soft cloth, or in case of larger dirt, you can also moisten the cloth with plain water. Do not expose these stones to high heat, because they can dry out and lose their shine, and also pay attention to the fact that these are relatively soft gems, so they are more easily damaged and scratched.

Some colored gemstones may discolor or fade when exposed to high heat. This is especially true if the gemstones have received some kind of enhancement treatment. We should avoid hot water with them, never put them in boiling water for cleaning!

Ultrasonic cleaning at home may seem like a good idea, and it can be used safely in the case of diamond jewelry, but it can cause changes in gemstones that are more fragile due to internal inclusions or that are often treated with oil, such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Gemstones can occasionally fall out of the ultrasonic shaker if the socket is already loose, so it is better to entrust this type of cleaning to a professional.

10 tips on how to protect our jewelry

Here are 10 tips on how to protect our jewelry so that it always shines perfectly:

  1. Before cleaning, gardening or lifting heavy objects, it is recommended to remove the rings to protect them from scratching, deformation, or contact with chemicals, which can cause discoloration on the metal surface and damage the surface of the gemstones.

  2. If possible, do not cream your body or hands while wearing jewelry, because the cream sticks to the stones and "blinds" them. Dirt deposited inside the rings can cause skin redness, itching, and in more extreme cases, small wounds and eczema.

  3. Before going to sleep, always take off larger earrings and chains and bracelets that can easily break, deform or tear.

  4. Store your items spread out and separated from each other, preferably in a box with a soft interior suitable for this purpose, because jewelry thrown on top of each other can get tangled and scratched, and stones and pearls can be damaged. If you don't wear your silver jewelry for a long time, keep it in an airtight container to protect it from discoloration.

  5. When traveling, preferably store your jewelry in a specially designed roll. This not only protects them, but also helps prevent the necklaces from tangling and breaking.

  6. Do not wear jewelry in thermal water, because in some cases the chemical substances in the water can cause marked discoloration.

  7. Take off our jewelry in the sauna, because the high temperature can cause discoloration and drying of some precious stones. In addition, the heated precious metal can burn your skin.

  8. Clean your jewelry regularly. With this, you can not only free them from dirt and discoloration, but also restore their original shine and brilliance. However, pay attention to how and with which gemstones can be cleaned!

  9. Jewelry should never be cleaned with scouring powder, as deep scratches may occur on its surface. Please entrust the removal of deeper scratches to a jeweler, as this requires a special polishing technique.

  10. Last but not least: check your frequently worn jewelry from time to time, or have it examined by a jeweler, to make sure that the moving parts are not worn out, that the stones in the setting are not loose, especially precious stones. At least once a year, it is recommended to take your precious jewelry to a professional for maintenance.

For all jewelry purchased from us, we offer to service, clean, polish and, if necessary, rhodium-plate it once a year free of charge for at least five years following its purchase. It only takes a few days and is essential to protect your jewelry, so don't neglect the annual service!

Jewellery: Garavelli 18kt gold necklace and bracelet with green tourmaline (offered by PAVÉ Ékszerszalon)



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