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Custom Jewellery Design

We also design custom jewellery, based on images collected by our customers or by creating completely new design ideas. We provide photo-realistic designs that perfectly illustrate what the finished jewellery will look like. Alternatively, we create wax samples of the model which our customers can physically check and even try on. Our mission is to make your dream jewellery model come to life.


The process of jewellery design

Before starting the design, we have a thorough consultation with our customers about the kind of jewellery they desire. If they don’t have specific ideas, we help to outline what would be the most suitable style for them.

After that, the planning process begins. Depending on how specific the idea is, we first make a drawing and then a wax sample or photorealistic designs. Our customer reviews the plans and, if they request changes, we make alternations to the model accordingly.

Depending on the type and style of the jewellery, we choose the most optimal technology for the production, which typically combines 3D printing technique - developed specifically for jewellery - with the most sophisticated handcrafting. In case of simple designs, a wax model may be sufficient, or the model can be created straight from gold.

Photorealistic designs

Our professional jewellery designer develops every detail and component of the custom jewellery in 3D with a jewellery design program. When the designs are approved by the customer, he prepares each element of the jewellery for 3D printing. After that, a mold is made with 3D printing technology, and the jewellery base is produced with special casting. The cast is then carefully processed by hand, with attention to every detail, all the way to the final polishing. You can see some sample photorealistic designs below and a video of the finished jewellery underneath.


Wax modelling

Our goldsmith carves the jewellery model out of wax by hand. Following approval by the customer, the wax model is made into a mold for casting. The precious metal cast is thoroughly and precisely elaborated and pre-polished by our goldsmith, followed by the setting of diamonds and other precious stones. After another thorough polishing, white gold jewellery is also given a rhodium plating, which provides a  smooth and shiny white surface.

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