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At PAVÉ Jewellery, we have been striving to represent the high-end jewellery segment in Hungary with quality, style and an exceptionally customer-friendly attitude for more than a decade, since 2008. We are regular visitors of the most prestigious international jewellery exhibitions, we are constantly expanding our network and are continuously training ourselves. Thanks to this, we can proudly say that we have gained a high reputation in Hungary, and are often invited as guest visitors, speakers or exhibitors to domestic and international professional events. While our main focus is high-end jewellery, we also strive to satisfy customers with smaller budgets. Nevertheless, we always pay special attention to quality.


In our collection, we mainly offer 18 carat gold jewellery with diamonds of excellent colour and clarity, as well as other gemstones (such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, citrine, turquoise and onyx).

Our jewellery is selected from the finest manufacturers across Europe, from renowned Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Belgian and German brands. In addition to our selected international collection, we also work with Hungarian goldsmiths to satisfy the unique needs of our customers. We also undertake jewellery modelling and design in 3D, as well as customising existing models.

In addition to jewellery, we offer high quality loose diamonds and other gemstones. We source our diamonds from reliable and ethical sources, mainly from Antwerp, with reputable international certification at competitive prices.


We are waiting diamond lovers in our store, as well as stylish ladies with a sophisticated taste who care about quality and have an affection for fine jewellery and timeless accessories.


Our story


Zita – CEO


In my whole life, I longed to have my ownbusiness one day. When I was a child, my father worked abroad for many years and he always surprised me with a little pair of earrings when he came home. Maybe that is where my love for jewellery originated from. Before establishing PAVÉ Jewellery in 2008, I worked for KPMG, an international advisory firm, for nine years, and gained experience in business and economics. As an MA in Economics and a certified jewellery expert, being the CEO of PAVÉ Jewellery is job that I truly love. It is a great pleasure to select beautiful jewellery, to negotiate with international partners and to gain insight into the mysteries of the diamond industry. Nevertheless, the greatest professional pleasure for me is a satisfied customer, which is why we try to meet all client's needs and pay due attention to every single request.



I have been attracted to minerals, diamonds and gems since I was a child. As an adult, this attraction has been expanded to fine jewellery. I lived in the United States for 11 years, where I graduated as a diamond expert from GIA (Gemological Institute of America). I started working in a jewellery store in Manhattan and later became the manager of one at Beverly Hills. My family and I moved back to Hungary in 2011, which paved the way for me to PAVÉ Jewellery. I am lucky to have my hobby as my job and to work with fantastic people every day in a beautiful environment.



Adrienne – Salon Manager

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