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A little glamour: pear-shaped gems

As you may already know, the traditional and most common gemstone cut is the round brilliant, especially among diamonds, but the various "fancy" shapes are also getting increasingly popular. Of these, engagement rings and jewellery made with pear-shaped gemstones are experiencing an absolute renaissance among jewellery lovers. These brilliant, teardrop-shaped stones represent uniqueness and character, giving a kind of emotional look to their owner. Due to their elongated shape and radiant surface, they usually look larger compared to other cuts with the same carat weight.

According to our records, the first pear-cut diamond jewellery was made in Belgium by a Polish jeweller in 1458. From the Renaissance onwards, this form became more and more popular and was worn by emperors and nobles. Today, there are countless designs for jewellery made with pear-cut diamonds and gemstones. This shape is particularly beneficial when worn as a solitaire ring, because it optically lengthens the fingers, and makes the hands look more appealing. In addition to the simpler, sleek solitaire rings, some designs with different colors of gems, studded with multiple stones, and even pieces with a timeless vintage feel are also popular. The stones can be placed in countless ways, depending on their size − they look good when placed vertically, horizontally, or even sideways.

Due to their sophisticated, unique shape, pear-shaped gemstones are also popular on the red carpet. Below are 5 stunning pear-shaped pieces of jewellery from celebrities with a great taste.

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton had a huge influence on the revival of pear-shaped gemstones in Hollywood when Taylor wore a dazzling diamond ring in 1969. The huge and rare 69.42-carat diamond was later turned into a necklace, because the actress claimed that the stone was too heavy to wear on her finger. At the time, Burton bought the ring from Cartier for $1.1 million, and it is estimated to be worth up to $18 million today.


Mia Farrow

Although her marriage to Frank Sinatra did not last very long, Farrow's engagement ring remained quite memorable. Sinatra proposed in 1966 with a 9-carat pear-shaped diamond set in platinum worth $85,000.


Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham's jewellery collection is all about carefully selected and valuable pieces. Not to mention that she has a total of 14 engagement rings that she has collected during her marriage to David Beckham. One of the most striking of these rings is made with a 17-carat pear-shaped diamond, which Victoria received back in 2005. It is now worth more than 2.5 million dollars and the celebrity likes to wear it at important events. At her son's wedding, which was held this year, she also wore a pear-shaped diamond pendant, which she received for their son's christening in 1999. The 21.5-carat diamond was set in an 18-carat gold necklace, specially made for the big day.


Anna Kournikova

The tennis player received from her husband, the equally well-known Enrique Iglesias a very valuable and eye-catching pink, pear-shaped diamond engagement ring, which was first decorated with two smaller trapezoidal diamonds, and later with two larger, triangular diamonds on both sides.


Zoe Saldana

The American actress Zoe Saldana has a very special engagement ring as well, which she also likes to wear in front of the cameras. The gorgeous 6-carat pear-shaped emerald is surrounded by delicate, tiny diamonds and is estimated by experts to be worth between $18,000 and $32,000.


In 2022, jewellery with unique and feminine pear-shaped gems is a rising trend. You can also find these majestic pieces in PAVÉ's collection from our various partner brands, as well as our own production. Here is a small taste of our jewellery decorated with pear-shaped gemstones, and invisible settings resembling pear-shape gems.

Jewellery: Utopia Jewels, Piero Milano, Terzihan (PAVÉ selection)


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