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Cocktail ring - A symbol of women's freedom and equality

Did you know that the term 'cocktail ring' could be linked to the 1920s, precisely the time of the American alcohol ban?

This period became famous not only for the prohibition of alcohol in America. It was then that women got the right to vote and, with it, more and more independence. The newfound freedom was also expressed in their appearance: they wore increasingly striking, shorter clothes, cut their hair shorter, and began to wear more characterful accessories. These years were all about glitter, sequins and fizz.

Prohibited bars became the central places of social life, where guests consumed alcohol illegally. The cocktail ring actually got its name from here, because the eye-catching piece of jewelry could not be overlooked next to the cocktail glass, so the wearer attracted even more attention. The cocktail ring is large and striking, typically with a large colored gem in the middle. Due to its size, women often wear it on the middle finger, but it can also be worn on the index finger.

Over time, jewelry houses have become more and more creative when creating cocktail rings, so this term no longer only applies to single gemstone "statement" rings, but also to their little and big "sisters" created with different stone setting techniques. Here, the size is really the point, and the appearance.

When it comes to price, the sky is the limit - a cocktail ring with a high-quality, large emerald or sapphire can be worth several million dollars, but with a beautiful aquamarine, topaz or quartz crystal, we can choose from much more affordable, yet high-quality and showy models. There are also alternatives for a lower frame made of silver with less valuable gemstones. Below we present to you some pieces from our premium jewelry range.

Mattioli "Fireworks" cocktail ring

The magnificent cocktail ring from the Italian jewelry house Mattioli includes a morganite gemstone of nearly 10 carats, surrounded by 4.5 carats of black diamonds in a pavé setting. Smaller morganite stones were scattered among the black diamonds. The collection bears the fantasy name "Fireworks", which perfectly reflects the spark, the cavalcade of colors and the sparkle that this ring radiates.

Garavelli cocktail ring with citrine

The decoration of this beautiful cocktail ring is a huge citrine gem, which is held by four prongs, each with 3 champagne-colored diamonds. The 18-carat yellow gold harmonizes perfectly with the shades of the gemstone. The model exists in several color combinations, it also looks wonderful with rose quartz and "london blue" blue topaz.

Michele Faccin - Silver ring with white enamel and natural crystal

Who said we couldn't choose a stylish, timeless, yet affordable ring for our favorite summer cocktail? The premium silver collection of the young Italian designer Michele Faccin is a perfect alternative to more valuable rings. Plus it looks fantastic! The silver base on this ring is coated with rose gold and white enamel and is adorned with a doublet stone with natural crystal.

Garavelli root aquamarine ring

Resplendent in the colors of the sea, aquamarine takes its name from water. This special cocktail ring features a faceted root aquamarine crowned with black diamonds. Unique and elegant, but what else could we expect from the always outstanding Garavelli brand, which is over a hundred years old?

Mattioli Reve_r ring

You don't come across such a cocktail ring every day! In Mattioli's Reve_r collection, gemstones were placed upside down. If cocktail rings are really a symbol of women's equality and militancy, then this model is every feminist's dream...

Garavelli "Mask" ring

Finally, another masterpiece: the Garavelli signature "Mask" ring, which depicts a human face. The ring is famous for being a great way to get to know each other, because anyone who wears it is guaranteed to be approached. If you don't believe it, go find out yourself!

If you would like to view or try on these seductive cocktail rings in person, we look forward to seeing you in our jewelry store.



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